The Dance Journal: Ruckus Dance ventures to Philadelphia -
Steven Weisz reviews Ruckus Dance: KnockOut at the Performance Garage

“Figueroa likes to explore boundaries, as well as the interplay between performer and audience. It is this sense of humor, approachability, and informality which makes this work so refreshing.”

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Photos: ‘Perpetual Loneliness’ From Ruckus Dance’s Evening-Length Debut -
Greg Cook photo blogs perpetual loneliness in anticipation of Baby’s First Show

“This weekend’s shows represent the group’s evening-length debut. It collects post-modern and process-driven pieces that they’ve performed in local festivals and split bills since the company formed in 2015. The night includes Figueroa stripping down to a jockstrap and rolling around on skates, a fight involving baguettes and bread rolls, a bit of wrestling, audience participation, improvisation, and all sorts of other serious contemporary dance."

Ruckus Dance in ‘Baby’s First Show’: The wow factor
Kathryn Boland reviews Baby’s First Show for Dance Informa

"This wasn’t the traditional denouement, the winding down of actions, that we often see in live performance. Just like with many other times in the show, this defying of our expectations – along with enjoying beautiful dancing – could take our mind away from to-do lists and routines." - KATHRYN BOLAND about Baby’s First Show