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all by myself at The Center for Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)

The third evening of Ruckus this year - you can watch in silence, listen to recommended playlists on headphones, or curate your own auditory experience. The evening features duets performed by real dancing couples; a reconstruction of choreography makes me mental: anybody (2016); and a revisited version of i love you in real time, a solo that premiered in Ruckus Dance: KnockOut at the Performance Garage as a part of Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2018.

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12:30 PM12:30

Ruckus takes ArtBeat 2018: Flip

Ruckus will be performing two works in the Somerville Theater! You either saw or missed these at Baby's First Show this past April. Come see what's different this time around, or come see them for the first time!

perpetual loneliness is developed anew for each iteration; the cast of dancers choreographs in response to a list of words consisting of actions, parts of the body, and qualities. The actions are edited and smoothed in a dialogue between Michael Figueroa and the performers. perpetual loneliness shows disparate and separate actions that seem to affect each other in space, and quietly articulates the peripheral influences human beings can have on each other. The dance is set against music by Beth Anderson.

objects lay, people lie is a work dedicated to laying a framework for showing rifts in performative affect, while paying attention to responsibly dealing with the physical body. The dancers aim to get outside of the structure of the dance, and are asked to bring in what is not choreographed or set. The dance functions as a physical guide or score for the performer. OLPL premiered in Baby's First Show at The Dance Complex this past April and is made possible with the support of the Boston Foundation.  

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to Jun 23

Michael performs in Provincetown!

Baby is going to Provincetown for the first time! Michael will be dancing in Giovanni's Room with Pavement Dance, a new project based collaborative founded by two outstanding Boston Conservatory Alumni, Maggie Costales & Christopher Kinsey. The performance is part of the 13th Annual Provincetown Dance Festival, click the link to see who else will be performing and get tickets!

I'm excited to return to this work after a year. Last Summer, Brenna Nopenz, myself & Chris performed his trio in Tracks at Green Street Studios, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and Outdoors at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

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to Apr 29

Baby's First Show

After 2.5 years of consistent appearances in local festivals and split bills, Cambridge-based dance company Ruckus Dance will make their evening-length debut with Baby’s First Show at the Dance Complex. Directed by dance-maker and “anti-choreographer” Michael Figueroa, the group works, duets, and solos performed in Baby will deal with artifice, the end of the world, loneliness, physical prowess, and honesty. 

Four works will be presented: perpetual loneliness (featuring music by Beth Anderson); objects lay, people lie (premiere); ways of rendering a man blind; and one collaboration with a rotating artist, with smaller improvisational events occurring in between each dance.

Through intentionally exhausting and perplexing dances, Ruckus Dance works to open up performance spaces that both provoke conversation and bewilder the viewer, driving audiences to ask questions about the logic of what is happening before them. Come and be ready to take part.

Friday, April 27th @ 8pm, Saturday, April 28th @ 8pm, Sunday, April 29th @ 7pm

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8:00 PM20:00

Catalysts: Guest Artist

Michael performs as a guest artist in Catalysts at the Dance Complex. He will be performing an adapted version of ways of rendering a man blind.

Other artists in the line up include: Subject:Matter(Ian Berg), Chavi Bansal, Wondertwins, Nicole Pierce, & Jenny Herzog. 

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