Ruckus works to open up performance spaces that both provoke conversation and bewilder the viewer, driving them to ask questions about the logic of what is happening before them. Through layering improvisation and choreography, Ruckus dance leads its viewers to question what is being generated live. Ruckus Dance is choreographed and directed by Michael Figueroa.

MICHAEL FIGUEROA is a Cambridge based performer and performance maker. Dubbed “anti-choreographer” by Marcia Siegel, his dances deal with rule-breaking, rote memory and constructing situations for dancers to improvise within/on top of. He has premiered three solos in the Greater Boston area and has been commissioned by the Dance Complex, the Mobius Artists Group, DanceNow Boston and Outside the Box Festival. He has taught workshops at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, Dance Complex, Moving Target and NACHMO Boston. Michael has ongoing collaborations with Jimena Bermejo, Sonia Santvoord and Sarah Mae Gibbons.

Michael teaches weekly classes as part of the Midday Movement Series. MMS is a class series founded by Marissa Molinar that provides consistent training for advanced dancers. Michael attended The Boston Conservatory and graduated with a BFA in dance.